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The Other Mother Teresa

Reward Punch Cards

Reward Punch Cards

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Are you tired of sounding like a broken record? Do you feel like you're constantly nagging your kids to finish a task? Enter Holy Kid Reward Card (cue angelic voice from heaven). It’s not easy raising saints. This card will help you get them heading in the right direction. A little incentive to shape good habits goes a long way!

10 punches = reward! Instant motivation for doing chores, homework, reading, or whatever they need a little nudge completing. Reward them with allowance, a special treat or whatever works for you. Watch your child's face light up with each hole punched!

Can be used at home or in the classroom. Write child’s name and reward details on the card.

Includes: 25 reward punch cards
Card size: 3.5" (W) x 2" (H) same size as business card
Printed and ready to ship
Blank on the back

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Can't wait to start using them. I saw thes...

Can't wait to start using them. I saw these when I was browsing around. We had a rough Sunday and I ordered them immediately when I recalled I had saved them. Shipping was extremely fast. Came well wrapped in paper with a cute string/bow. I was definitely not expecting the hole puncher that was included which is great! I have one but this one I can definitely keep in our mass bag. I'll update when the boys complete their first card.

Colacat21 Nikolaus
We received two samples of these with our...

We received two samples of these with our first purchase from Teresa's shop. My husband and I decided to try it out for a reward system for our son. We had been trying to potty train for over a year and nothing was working. We used the punch card and after three days of completing the first card he is completely potty trained! So yes, Teresa, potty went super well thanks to you! Thank you for the note.

Amy Ziemann
Perfect! Thanks for the free gift as well!...

Perfect! Thanks for the free gift as well! Wonderful shop. Each order I've made arrived very promptly, is of great quality, and perfect for moms and kids alike.