Chewy Cross Necklace

Chewy Cross Necklace

My seven year old, Thomas, loves to chew on the collar of his t-shirt. While this helps him concentrate and calms his nervous system, it drives me nuts! So many of his shirts are stretched out and ruined. I needed something to help fulfill his desire to chew because some kids just need that extra oral sensory input. Enter the Silicone Chewy Cross Necklace.

This piece of "chewelry" has been amazing for Thomas. He uses it all day and I don't have to ask him to stop putting his shirt and other things in his mouth. He sticks it in his mouth and chews on it as needed. He uses it when he's trading baseball cards with his brother and friends. He uses it while he's watching TV. He uses it while he's playing card games. He uses it during mass. He uses it all.the.time.

We recently went on a beach trip with some extended family and I was curious how his cousins would react to Thomas's new chewelry. To my surprise, by the second day of vacation, every single one of them wanted one of their own; from the 5 year old to the 12 year old. They each chose a different color so there was no confusion about which cross belonged to who. It helped each one of them in their own way. 

My friend, Kelly Shoup, long time pediatric OT, parent trainer, and mom of 3 had this to say about the cross chewelry. "My favorite thing is that it aligns with our Catholic faith and it’s wearable…this promotes independence for the child. The child is able to have the cross around their neck so it’s easily accessible to self-regulate, especially for kids who regulate best using their mouth. It’s incredibly hard to find things that allow for self-regulation with the mouth, while also making no noise, which makes this product AMAZING! There are 4 different textures, including the soft, smooth black cord which allows for variety and ensures the majority of kids will find a texture on it that is calming to their nervous system. So good!" 

Is your child a nail biter or shirt chewer? Share your comments below!

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